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Accepting all major credit cards
Accepting all major credit cards

It is a shame that google almost has a monopoly of the internet...

We have been assaulted as a commercial business by Ohio Taxi.They didn't like it , that we were the most popular cab company on the internet so they decided to deceive you by calling them selves Yellow Taxi and Ohio Yellow Cab,in order to steal our taxi business,and they have succeeded. They have taken the first two spots on google's analogue search results. That wouldn't bother me as much if they used their own true and legal name, but they had to confuse our customers and use our legal trade name Yellow Cab Of Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati taxi business has changed in a considerable way in the past five years, at least 10 cab companies are using the name Yellow Cab in one way or another, but Ohio Taxi is the only one that deceives the public by calling themselves Yellow Taxi... I don't know why because they have a good name already,other than to steal our business...

Google has become to powerful,they can decide who wins in the Cincinnati taxi business. They control who is the most powerful and the least seen,if your not on Google you're nowhere...

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